IT Assessment

Areas Of Focus.
When performing an assessment, key areas of focus include but are not limited to:

  • Technology Management (Planning, support and documentation)
  • Network Topology (Design, cabling and internet connectivity)
  • Security (Firewall, perimeter, physical and wireless security)
  • Server Infrastructure (Hardware, operating systems and storage)
  • Network Services (Directory services, administrative policies, remote access and redundancy)
  • Network Applications (Communication, collaboration and financial management)
  • PC Fleet

What are the benefits of IT Assessments?
In addition to substantial cost savings, there are many benefits of having an assessment performed:

  • Identify gaps in processes and procedures between users and management
  • Conservation and utilization of resources by mapping for consolidation, virtualization and manageability strategies
  • Improve productivity or efficiency thereby reducing cost and resource constraints
  • Open new opportunities for your business
  • Review and recommendation for your current or internal IT sourcing arrangements
  • Due diligence reporting in the event of mergers or acquisitions